Virtual lessons taught by native Spanish speakers

“Your future depends on what you do today” – Gandhi

A fun and personalized way to become bilingual

We offer Spanish courses designed and taught by professionals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of experience. Our classes are one-on-one and we use the most innovative and advanced teaching techniques.

Native Spanish teachers

Family Oriented



Easy Pay

One on one teaching

At Spoken Learning we know how important it is to develop communication skills. That is why our educational model is based on instant feedback from the teacher. In this way, your child can practice listening and speaking skills in real-time.

Online learning

At Spoken Learning we take full advantage of the educational benefits offered by virtual classes. By teaching classes online, we are able to bring affordable, professional, and private classes to your child in the tranquility of your home.

Become Bilingual

Studies show that bilingual people express themselves with more sophistication and are easier to communicate with. Bilingual people also exhibit greater capacities in memory and attention.

Our Method

What makes us different?

Our quality protocol ensures a meaningful educational experience no matter where you are.

We have created a unique syllabus to maintain the general idea of how our students should learn Spanish. We teach gradually so they don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed by all the content. We move at each student’s pace making every class exclusive and at the same time, we encourage them to keep moving forward.

We create our own material thoroughly and we adapt every class for the students requirements by including games, songs, videos, exercises for all. We also provide vocabulary charts, visual material, worksheets, audios and more so it is easy to practice and study at home.

What are the benefits of virtual and private lessons?
    - Learn from anywhere
    - Save time traveling
    - Get familiar with technology
    - Practice in real time with a native speaker
    - Personalized lessons
    - Distraction-free

How long will it take to improve my language skills?
It depends on how many classes you want to take per week. We strongly recommend taking at least two classes per week, that way you will be able to see your improvement in a short period of time. 
My kids don't do well in virtual classes, why will it work with Spoken Learning?
Our classes are tailored to each student, and we find the best learning method for them. Since our classes are completely private, all our attention is on them and the teacher is in front of the student the whole time. We are able to modify classes according to our student’s needs, interests, and find the best learning method for them.
What do I need to take online classes?
A stable internet connection and a device that allows you to see the screen clearly (preferably a laptop or a tablet).
Make sure the device has a working microphone and camera, and preferably use your headphones to make sure you don’t get distracted.
Can I change my teacher?
If you feel that you or your child are not learning fast/well enough with a teacher’s style, or you feel stuck with your current teacher’s schedule/availability, we can connect you with another teacher to see if they fit you and your needs. By changing teachers, you’re not starting over, the teachers will get together to talk about what has already been taught and what subjects remain. That way, the new teacher can pick up where the previous one left off.
Can I cancel my subscription?
No, our subscriptions are 1, 6 or 12 months. Once your subscription finishes you can choose if you want to continue with another subscription, upgrade your subscription, or cancel.
Why are our children's lessons so successful?
We believe that the best way of learning a new language is playing and practicing. We prepare our dynamic lessons using videos, puppets, games and activities as our principal tools.

About Us

Spoken Learning is a creative and innovative company that teaches the Spanish language to people of all ages, levels of proficiency, and backgrounds.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our students with the linguistic tools they need to effectively communicate in Spanish and to achieve a conversational and fluent level. Also, we like to focus on building a strong appreciation for other languages and cultures.

Our Values


We believe that kindness and compassion are the most important characteristics in good personal behavior, good ethics, and good business. We maintain that our compassion for our students and our concern for their future motivates us to be the best at what we do.


We are constantly searching for new tools and methods that will allow us to provide an outstanding service that is consistent with the modern world and leverages the ever-growing educational power of technology.


We understand the value of our customers time and mental energy, and we endeavor to respect that investment. We work hard to ensure our services are provided in a reliable, punctual, and goal-oriented way so as to maximize our customers’ returns.


We believe that good business is mutually beneficial. We want to win the right way and for our customers to be sure that the education their children received was well worth the investment.


We embrace the power of collaboration and we make sure parents know that we are a team. We value and carefully analyze all of our customers’ and our employees’ recommendations and feedback. This allows our service to be in a continuous state of improvement.



What Our Client Say

Kayla Martin

San Antonio, TX
My boys, Tristan and Joseph, have been taking classes for the last 6 months and now they are able to have small conversations in Spanish. They are even able to read quite a bit! I’m really amazed at how quickly they started reading and speaking Spanish. Miss Karina is an excellent teacher. She is very patient, creative, and fun! Spoken Learning knows what they are doing and are very committed to my kids education. They check in with me frequently and inform me about my boys’ progress.

LiYing Yang

Houston, TX
Our daughter has been taking Spanish classes with our Spoken learning private tutor for several months. We have been very pleased with her progress. Her teacher is very patient, very professional and accommodating. She loves her Spanish classes. We will be continuing with the learning and recommend it to all of our friends.

Neha Naik

Sugar Land, TX
I hired Spoken Learning to help my 3.5 year old learn Spanish and they were extremely professional. The teacher went above and beyond in providing content and guidelines to help him learn many keywords and phrases. He is able to communicate the basics not even a few weeks in and I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m going to work with the team for a long time because they never miss or reschedule classes and cater to your needs and take things slow or fast depending on your child’s mood for the day. Hire them and you won’t regret it!

Craig Miller

Missouri City, TX
I have taken 10 Spanish classes with Spoken Learning so far and they have given me a great foundation for speaking and reading Spanish. I can’t wait to enroll my toddlers too. Gracias y que amable Usted.

Archana Varma

Awesome teachers and classes. Always flexible with scheduling. My son loves the classes. His teacher is Ms. Jessica and he enjoys classes with her.

Kelsy DeMelo

Love, love, love Spoken Learning and my Spanish teacher. Their systems are so convenient and easy, and everyone I have interacted with has been so pleasant and helpful. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to watch me stumble over my Spanish and make the same mistakes over and over, but my teacher never loses her patience and is always helpful understanding, and kind!! Couldn’t recommend Spoken Learning more.

Xiuxia Liu

The teacher is so professional. My daughter’s teacher is Mrs. Dulce who can find the child’s points of interest and arouse the child’s interest in learning. My daughter likes her class although she doesn’t like many other hobby classes. Spoken learning provides free website learning Spanish classes. That is so great.

Archana Ellath

My daughter takes lessons with Dulce. She has the most enjoyable experience with Dulce! Dulce has been wonderful working with kids and puts them in to ease during her lessons. I highly recommend her for kids. My daughter is always eagerly looking forward to her class every week.

Kay Bridges

I love Spoken Learning! Initially, I wanted to take lessons in person because I felt I would learn better that way. However, as a wife, mother of 2 small boys, and a registered nurse, my schedule can be busy and unpredictable. I was so hesitant to start virtual classes, but this has been such a positive experience! My teacher, Mrs. Ana, is such a wonderful teacher. She is easy to follow, answers all my questions, allows me to move at my own pace, and makes class fun. I love that my classes are one on one because it allows me to really focus. Also, My availability changes a lot, but Mrs. Mildred was very patient and flexible with me as well as Mrs. Ana. I am so happy I found out about these classes and I can’t wait until I’m speaking Spanish fluently. I just signed my 8-year-old up for lessons because he was so intrigued after his trial class. He is very excited to start, and I can’t wait to see his progress.

Kavita Sachdev

My daughter has been taking Spanish lessons with Ms. Mildred and Ms. Karina. She has learned a lot. They are knowledgeable and patient with kids trying to learn a second language.

Aastha Ramandeep Chhatwal

Structured and interactive learning plan. Kids have enjoyed it until now. Would recommend and refer friends to see progress in my kids. Also, teachers are very experienced with remote learning.

April Smith

Both of my younger children attend Spoken Learning. They are 6 and 10 years old. They both enjoy the class and are excited to attend. The teachers are patient and their classes are tailored to the child and his/her progress. The instructors make the classes fun and we love the online platform. I am excited about my children’s journey!

Karen Ren

My daughter has been learning the Spanish language at Spoken Learning for more than a year. The tutors are both native Spanish speakers who also have experience tutoring kids. I love the way they tutor kids using an online platform which brings fun to learning! I am also satisfied with their assignment of homework after each class and period progress report, so parents are always updated. They also assign quizzes from time to time so that they can establish the level in Spanish your child is currently on. With all that being said, I have no regrets about my daughter learning from Spoken Learning and I highly encourage others to do the same!

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